Over 20 years ago when Vias International was founded to the present day, the principle vision of the company has always remained constant.

Where there is a need, there is always a
cost effective way to fulfill the need with
quality solutions.  

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Since 1999,  the bridges that Vias has built with our networks, partners, distributors, and clients have expanded exponentially. The foundational partnership of each and every local and global pathway forged with trust, reliability, and quality.  

Vias officially kicked off in Austin, Texas with our first official client, Motorola (now NXP). Twenty-one years later, Vias is still the nexus supplier to a multitude of semiconductor, pharmaceutical, and other high-end manufacturing facilities.    

Vias is built with a steadfast collective of associates that share the founder's vision that not only can we find the most cost effective solution for our customers, but the solution is only as good as the quality of the product and service provided.  With that in mind, our promise to all of our customers has and will always be established on trust and reinforced with quality.  

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